Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bristol {2}

St.Mary Redcliffe, Bristol
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Maddy said...

Great to see the combinations. I wonder whether the tree,lamp or the sky adding the beauty to the picture or vice versa

Photo Cache said...

Looks like blue skies in winter for you. I love this type of architecture.

Luke Wiley said...

A very interesting perspective on this one!

Neva said...

This is lovely as daughter is traveling in India and will be there for a few months....I am guessing she will try to avoid the monsoon but what do I know.

Amrita said...

Majestic views. Bristol was the home of George Mueller who established orphanages.

Ash said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Maddy - It works both ways, perhaps?

Photo Cache - Thank you. Me too!

Luke - Thank you!

Neva - Lovely to hear that. Monsoon usually starts only in June. The weather in India these months are nice and warm ( or hot -depends!)

Amrita - Never knew that! Thanks for sharing.

Toni Pons Barro said...

Great pictures, fantastic.

kavita said...


Beautiful shot. Love this building in combination with the blue sky and the tree:p

Joy said...

Love the blue sky. Great perspective.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

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standley said...

Beautiful perspective shots!

don said...

I like the perspective in all three shots. The lamp post does add an interesting foreground object, but the detail of the ornate building wins the attention. Nice post.

Ashish Sidapara said...

This is lovely, again, love the blues!

GMG said...

Hi Ash!
Sorry I couldn’t visit you for the last weeks! I’m trying to catch-up and see the wonders you have around!
And Bristol certainly deserved some of your attention... ;) Lovely pictures and a fabulous blue sky (just for you), which isn't that common there... ;)

Meanwhile, the last of the beautiful Forts in Jaipur waits you and your comments at Blogtrotter: – The Nahargarh Fort! Enjoy and have a great week!

monsoon-dreams said...

how do u manage to get the sky so clear and blue all the time?waiting for more in the series.

Ash said...

Toni and Kavitha - Thank you! Welcome to the blog :-) Hope to you see around!

Joy - How are you, dear girl! Seeing you after ages...

Standley - Thanks!

Don - Beautifully observed. Thank you!

Ashish - Thanks!

GMG and Monsoon Dreams - I guess I just got lucky to have clear blue skies on the day I visited Bristol.

Maggie May said...

I see you have some magnificent photos of Bristol.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Will look at some more photos before I go.